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About Us

Gift your clients with our highly-curated gift boxes, filled with personalized treats to reinforce your brand quality. We offer four different gift boxes to fit your needs and budget.
Jason Steele, Founder
Jason Steele is the visionary founder behind Bull and Bear Brew, a unique coffee venture that seamlessly blends his passion for finance with the art of brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Not only is Jason a trailblazing entrepreneur, but he is the CEO and founder of Weston Banks Wealth Partners (WBWP) where he shares his wealth of expertise to create significance and accountability in wealth management for individuals and businesses. WBWP is proud to offer a creative, forward-thinking approach to investing for life and legacy.
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BULL AND BEAR BREW®, BLACK MONDAY®, DEAD CAT BOUNCE®, IRRATIONAL EXUBERANCE®, and UPRECEDENTED® are the registered trademarks of Bull and Bear Ventures, LLC.

Made in Raleigh, NC